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Costa Rica held ISA World Surfing Games 2016

Team invitations were extended to current champions of the Russian Surfing Federation and winners of SurfJam 2015.

The Russian team at last week’s ISA World Surfing Games 2016 in Costa Rica included champion of Russia Evgeny Isakov, winner of SurfJam 2016 Georgy Felikidi, former Russian champion Sergey Rasshivayev, as well as Igor Vechkanov, Anna Chudnenko and Maddy Malizia.

Ladies have shown better scores than men, while Anna Chudnenko even won her heat.

«Training is what matters most. Champions are made during training, rather than actual heats. One must put in a lot of effort during training to get good results», – commented president of Russian Surfing Federation Sergey Rasshivayev. «Take Leonardo Fioravanti for example. This successful Italian surfer is only 18, but he’s been travelling all over the world since he was nine, accompanied by best surfers and coaches. Naturally, he’s become good at it. The reality is that in order to become competitive in surfing one has to always stay close to world’s best wave riders ».

Conditions in Costa Rica were difficult. Beach break waves were good overall, but much depended on winds and tides. Still, the competition did not stop for anything. The Russian team fell out of luck with weather, but there was no room for complaints, since competing surfers had to ride in same conditions. Nevertheless, catching a good wave was difficult and the team had little time to prepare following its arrival only two days prior to the event.

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