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St. Petersburg surfing championship 2015

St. Petersburg surfing championship event took place on August 29, 2015 at Flotsky Cape on three to five foot waves.
The competition was split into two different categories: Amateurs and Pros.

The amateur division consisted of 45 participants, while another ten took to the waves as pros. As of that date, this was the single largest competitive surfing event that has ever taken place in Russia. It was also the longest, spanning well over 12 hours.

The open event became a playground for men and women both, and the girls have certainly earned their praise and bragging rights with Darina Dudko reaching the semifinals!

The weather and waves on Saturday could not have been better, and the beach was overrun with a crowd of eager spectators. Athletes and fans maintained a cheerful atmosphere throughout the event.

Event organizers noted the improved quality of surfing in general. Even the Amateur division provided an enthralling competition with their surfing skills being so high that the third place was split between two runner-ups.

Top scores among Pros:
1.Sergey Rasshivaev
2.Pyotr Tyushkevich
3.Sergey Lyubimov & Konstantine Pavlikov

Top scores among Amateurs:
1.Dimitri Albegov
2.Oleg Gusev
3.Daniel Novozhilov & Daniel Tkachyuk
5.Ilya Horoshev

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